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At KIPP CONNECT Middle, we believe our school should be a place in which educational excellence, character responsibility and balanced growth between these two should exist. Our vision is to support students in a way that encourages them to discover and develop their own talents to then be able to fulfill their endless potential to succeed in college and the world beyond. Our students are empowered to take ownership of their paths to and through college, not as passengers, but as pilots so that they are able to become productive and successful community members in whatever way they choose.



Charlynn Bowers is currently the Principal at KIPP CONNECT Houston Middle School. Prior to serving in the role as principal, she was an assistant principal for two years. Ms. Bowers joined CONNECT in 2014 as the Founding Fifth Grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, and then moved on to become the ELA department chair, dean of instruction and an instructional coach for all content areas. Before CONNECT, Ms. Bowers was a Founding Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher and Grade-Level Chair at KIPP INTREPID. Ms. Bowers moved to Houston after graduating from the University of Michigan with degrees in Afro and African-American History and Spanish. She finds great joy in developing strong relationships with her students and colleagues. Outside of education, Ms. Bowers enjoys traveling (she has just two continents left to visit), cooking and spending time with her dog, Nelson.

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(From Left to Right)

“Educators affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” - Henry Brooks Adams


Juan Carlos Flores

Assistant Principal

Mahalet Negussie

Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Waldrip

Special Education Coordinator

Charlynn Bowers


Iris Stein

Dean of Operations

Anthony Berkenkamp

Assistant Principal

JoAnn Payne

Assistant Principal

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